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2007 National Home Education Conference
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2007 NHED Conference - Service Interruption

Please be advised that for the duration of the 2007 National Home Education Conference there will be limited service available through this website and via email. Both administration and technical support staff will be traveling around Australia from 10th May to 30th June to support and speak at the various conference venues.

Subscriptions to Education Choices will be available for purchase at the trade fair at all NHED Conference venues. For a complete list of conference dates and venues please visit the NHED Conference website. Urgent queries can also be directed by telephone to 1300 884 005.

Also we are happy to tell you, that you can hire the best Australian essay writers, who are always ready to help with custom essay papers or assignments. It's important for us.

Full website and administration functions will be restored from July. Our apologies for any inconvenience.

Education Choices Issue 10

Please accept our apologies for the late distribution of issue 10. Issue 10 of Education Choices is being prepared in the midst of organisation for the 2007 National Home Education Conference. For a small group of homeschooling families, also taking care of their children at home full-time, an event on this scale is a huge undertaking, however we believe that it is worthwhile to bring homeschoolers in Australia together with such great speakers as John Taylor Gatto. In the meantime, we will endeavour to get issue 10 to you as soon as possible.

For our apologises, Educationchoices has made an agreement with company to provide certain discount for everyone who need help in preparing their assignments for university. Just tell the customer support our code "educationchoices" and get your discount.

Education Choices Issue 9

Education Choices Issue 1

Issue 9 of Education Choices has now been distributed. The feature article is Young parents: Looking for a little respect. Other articles deal with the changes to homeschooling legislation being implemented in Queensland and Victoria, and teenagers experiences with bullying.

Other articles include... 

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Wacky But True

If you subscribe to Education Choices online — or renew your existing subscription online — you will receive a free copy of Life Learning magazine PLUS a free copy of Wacky But True. Life Learning is a Canadian magazine supporting a natural learning approach to education, and Wacky But True is an Australian children's magazine.

Life Learning Magazine

Just choose a one-year subscription, a two-year subscription or an overseas subscription or one of our back issue bundles from 2005 or 2006.

Education Choices Issue 8

Issue 8 is our November issue for 2006. It marks the end of our first two years of publication! The feature article is Why Our Schools are Failing and is a review of Dr Kevin Donnelly's books of the same name, which highlights the reasons that Dr Donnelly believes the Australian education system is failing our students. The Resources theme for the issue is music.

Other articles include —

Education Choices Issue 1

Education Choices Issue 7

Education Choices Issue 1

Issue 7 has a focus on learning to read, with the feature article highlighting the many different approaches that work for different children and families. The Resources section also presents a variety of programs and other reading resources that parents might find useful.

Other articles include —

Education Choices Issue 6

The May issue for 2006, our 6th issue, features an article on homeschooling for preschoolers. Whilst the actual learning processes for preschoolers are little different from those parents who plan on sending their children to school, support for parents considering homeschooling is vitally important.

Other articles include —

Education Choices Issue 1

Education Choices Issue 5

Education Choices Issue 1

Education Choices' fifth issue — and the first one for 2006 — featured a jointly authored article from Eleanor Sparks and Mar Jo Anglico which looked at the spectrium of approaches to homeschooling from prescribed learning through to natural learning. The article focused on what homeschooling parents share with each other, rather than what divides us into factions.

Other articles include —

Website Launch

Welcome to the new Education Choices website.  This new website is incorporating all of the content from the old Australian Home Education website, as well as information about the Education Choices magazine.  Education Choices information is in the orange menu on the left and Australian Home Education content is in the blue menu on the right.  Other generally useful links are displayed across the top.

Education Choices Issue 4

Our fourth issue was released in November 2005. It's feature article was regarding risk and learning and the relationship between the two. The article also looked at the importance of play for children.

Other articles include —

Education Choices Issue 1

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